Key qualifications measured

Only a few particular aptitude criteria are really measurable. And again, of these there are only a few which are biographically stable. These hold true for the subject’s entire working life.

Jobfidence® focuses on these criteria. It’s worth your while knowing about them.

Adaptive intelligence

The candidate’s mastery of common numerical and verbal skills is measured. These are the results of a much longer process of education than simply the person’s school-life. They are vital in any field where adaptability, knowledge acquisition, and/or communication play a role: leadership tasks, administration, sales, development and planning for example.

Analytical intelligence

The analytic reasoning abilities and the combinativity come under this heading. These are especially important in positions which involve processing complex, multi-dimensional facts. It is possible to predict, with reasonable certainty, efficiency in planning tasks, development of new strategies and abstract problem-solving.


The readiness to overcome personal habits and prejudices in decision-making processes is measured. Are tried and trusted methods and solutions chosen first or does the person search until s/he finds new methods and as-yet-untried possibilities? Clinging to the familiar or being open to change can have both positive and negative effects. It all depends, therefore, on knowing the exact requirements of the target position.

Motivation to perform

The readiness to perform is determined by various individual motives, some of which have already been shaped in early childhood. Does the person focus on concrete results which may be achieved on a short-term basis or rather on satisfactory work processes? Both motivation patterns can lead to success – depending on the circumstances of course.

Stress stability

The ability to perform and the conflict-solving ability in socially stressful contact and leadership-defined situations is measured. Stress caused by psychological pressure dampens the performance curve of sensitive persons noticeably. On the other hand, it is exactly this sensitivity which is essential in tasks where social perception is particularly important. There are, however, people who are practically impervious to psychological pressure. The measurement reveals the individual tendencies which may, or may not, be desirable depending on the job specifications.

Persistence in pursuing goals

Planning and subsequent actions are determined by goals. Clear differences are observed in individual reactions to unexpected obstacles: some people start to question whether further efforts are worthwhile when faced with even minor difficulties. As a result, goals are relatively easily abandoned. Other people continue doggedly to pursue their goals even when circumstances have altered considerably. Again, depending on the job requirements, either tendency can be an advantage or a hidden risk.

Key qualifications


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