The advantages

A word you won’t find in the dictionary. Job and confidence fused together in one term, one concept. The brand stands for reliability, predictability, trust in one’s profession. Because Jobfidence® is about those measurable aptitude indicators which really count in professional achievement.

The advice and recommendations based on Jobfidence® results insure you against wrong decisions and are therefore as useful to the employer as to the internal and external job applicants.

Save time & money

You have internal and external applications. You examine these under previously set minimum criteria. After this initial screening comes Jobfidence®.

Jobfidence® enables you to pick your target candidates out of all the internal and external applicants - for all open positions. We offer this service in all main European languages.
Experience shows that up to three out of ten applicants are really suitable for the job.

You now have time to conduct a comprehensive interview and proper negotiations with these target candidates. Jobfidence® has already confirmed their basic suitability.

You save time and money. Not to speak of the follow-up expenses which result when you pick the wrong person for the job.

Decision security

No decision-maker can afford to rely on chance. Admittedly, a little luck is always necessary when making a personnel decision. But only objective psychological measurement procedures can provide a solid foundation for your decision. It comes down to measuring aptitude indicators and comparing the results with your requirements. You arrive at personnel decisions which fit future requirements. An investment which pays for itself: The success rate in the area of sales activities for example is on average twice as high for recommended employees as for those not recommended.

No aptitude diagnosing instrument however good can on its own guarantee a good personnel decision. The requirements of the target position must be analysed precisely.

This is why the Position-Skyline® was developed in co-operation with Professor Winfried Hacker of the Technical University, Dresden. This analysis procedure serves to standardise and analyse the requirements of a position economically and objectively.
The Jobfidence® orientation profile with identified ideal, risk and cutoff  areas is based on the results of the Position-Skyline®. By means of these defined areas, clear recommendations can be made, including leadership advice and self-management techniques.


Legal certainty

Psychological tests and other test procedures play an important role in business practice, and the provisions of labour law and the Labour Relations Act are not always respected.

With Jobfidence® you are on the safe side of the law. The procedure is legally certain and respects the personality rights of the participants (no questions regarding the private sphere).

Image gain

You invite applicants to a “candidates-conference” – still regarded as something special and widely respected. Personal greetings, an introduction to the company and positions in question, professional execution and explanation of the procedure, individual presentation of the results.

Every participant receives his certificate with explanation, advice and concluding recommendations in a detailed discussion. Even critical applicants view this as an opportunity and a personal advantage. These conference guests become friends of your company and products.


The necessity of harmonised personnel instruments and achievement indicators in internationally active companies – a burning topic even before the latest wave of mergers. Jobfidence® provides the solution: it can be carried out in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian, Turkish, Czech and Hungarian - also in mixed language groups.

Our exotics:
The Afrikaans version was developed as early as 1987. The Chinese version is currently at the first stage of development.

The advantages


Successful recruitment and efficient personnel development.
A scientfic instrument proven in practice.