Our partners introduce themselves

There are currently 30 Jobfidence®-Partner Institutes in Germany, three in Austria, and one each in France, Spain and Switzerland. We are continually expanding our Jobfidence®-Partner Network Europe-wide. How to get Jobfidence® onto your premises: One phone call will do. You set an appointment for the preparatory meeting.

We should begin with a detailed information session and a pilot run with several external applicants and some of your outstanding employees. This way you experience first-hand how Jobfidence® works and the success thereof. Executives and works council members are very welcome as observers.

You value well-founded decisions. And we value satisfied customers.

Our partners

The centre of methods

Making professionally relevant aptitude indicators measurable: this challenge is the raison d’être of teme, Development and Application of Psychological Test and Measurement Procedures Company Ltd, Innsbruck, Vienna established in 1989. Jobfidence® is the test and measurement procedure’s flagship. It is founded on methodically correct analysis of the relevant business requirements. Moreover, the teme staff work on the improvement of organisational and competence diagnosis, without which efficient reorganisation measures are impossible.

The strict compliance with psychological standards optimises effort, job satisfaction and productivity. Success is what you can measure.


Jobfidence® Measurement Procedure and the Position-Skyline® can be acquired, not only as an external advice service, but also in the context of a know-how license agreement.

This offer is equally attractive for business clients who have more than 20 vacancies to fill annually, for consultancy firms and for one-man consultancies.

We are happy to provide further information - just send us a quick e-mail.


Successful recruitment and efficient personnel development.
A scientfic instrument proven in practice.