Fields of application

The Jobfidence® measurement procedure is used to advantage in almost all branches of the economy, in the public sector and in individual career guidance today. Its application area ranges from recruitment and personnel development, through individual coaching, to outplacement counselling.

Jobfidence® is available in 15 languages and the Jobfidence® -Partner Network is expanding all over Europe.

Areas of use

You are invited:

  • To recognise the top achievers among internal and external applicants

  • To recognise who will actually learn and benefit before it comes to large-scale personnel development measures
  • To assign the most determined workers to a project

  • To ensure that not only the present but also future challenges will be met when it comes to promotions

  • To assess foreign applicants as objectively and reliably as applicants from your own country

  • To examine the potential of your employees in terms of new challenges
  • To provide additional surety for employee performance appraisals

Many steps - one method

Call it potential analysis or high potential pool, personnel development or personnel management, team analysis or team design, maybe even efficient teamwork, personnel audit or management appraisal. Your theme is our theme. We offer you the tool to secure your object.


The Jobfidence® measurement procedure analyses key qualifications, which are relevant to professional success in the most various positions and branches.

Clients include enterprises from trade and industry, service providers and public administration. From the 12 man tax consultancy team to the international production company with over a hundred thousand employees – all our clients appreciate Jobfidence®.


Successful recruitment and efficient personnel development.
A scientfic instrument proven in practice.