Proven in practice

Jobfidence® is not only scientifically guaranteed. The procedure has also proven itself in 50 years of practice.  It has been available in digital version since January 2001.

Scientific validation studies and commercial cost/benefit analyses speak as much for Jobfidence® as the high acceptance among the participants.

Guide to success

Here is your guide to “personnel success”

  1. Position-Skyline®
    Together we draw up the requirement profile.
  2. Recruitment
    Designing the advertisement. We help with text and layout.
  3. Screening
    A systematic pre-selection based on the appearance of the applications and the pre-set minimum criteria. This should not be too strict: 5 - 8 applicants is an optimal number.
  4. Invitation
    If desired we will make an approved standard text available to you, organise the conference room or set up a telephone service.
  5. Candidates conference
  6. Employment

JF Candidates conference (an example)

08.45 am         

Informal talk with the guests as they arrive

09.00 am

Presentation of the company and the target positions

10.00 am

Beginning of the Jobfidence® measurement procedure

11.45 am

Light meal for all participants; scoring of the result sheets

12.45 pm

Explanation of the Jobfidence® procedure for the participants
In parallel: Presentation of results for the employer

01.45 pm       

Individual counselling: The certificates are handed out and explained during individual counselling. The strengths and possible risks with reference to the target positions are explained as well as possible self-management techniques.


A decision-making conference with the employer is held to conclude the day.

1)Jobfidence® can also be perfectly well combined with  assessment procedures referring to critical situations (Performance Check®). Accuracy as well as acceptance among participants can thus be additionally optimised.


Leadership Audit (an example)

08:45 am           

Informal talk with the guests as they arrive / Check-in

09:00 am

Carrying out the Jobfidence® potential analysis

10:45 am

General explanation of the Jobfidence® procedure

11:30 am


12:30 pm

Beginning of the approximately 2-hour-long competency-based intensive interviews led by respectively 2 experienced consultants per participant;
Example: For 3 audit teams 3 x 2 participants x two-hour intensive interview plus 30 minutes initial assessment of each interview directly after; at 03:00 pm the second round of interviews starts  

05:45 pm

Results conference of the Auditors
Mutual exchange, discussion of all interview assessments and, if necessary, fine tuning (calibration of the assessment standards)


The client receives a written overview of all individual results as well as a report on the group results with a detailed explanation and recommendations on who is suitable and which support and qualification measures are recommended based on the defined requirements.

The candidates each receive personal feedback on their results including the identification of areas for optimization.

This procedure as well as the reciprocal link between the described competences and the underlying potential (additively ascertaining suitability diagnostics) experientially lead to a high acceptance among all parties involved.

Client forums

Alongside scientific test criteria, the main focus of the further development process is on real needs in the real world. In order to satisfy these, the Jobfidence® Centre for Methods regularly organises client forums. In addition to this, there is a constant exchange of information and experience between all Jobfidence® users. Theirs and the clients’ questions, wishes and encouragement – which often provide great guidance – have made a decisive contribution to the optimisation of Jobfidence®. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all clients and Jobfidence® users for their help.


Please understand that we do not explicitly name references here because we deem confidentiality and data protection as being extremely important.

In case of a closer interest in individual fields of application of the Jobfidence® measurement procedure we can provide you with an adequate contact person (Project/Branch).



Successful recruitment and efficient personnel development.
A scientfic instrument proven in practice.